Cost of living: Disabled students 'can't scrimp on food'

2023-05-28 06:39:47  • 4 mins

By Erin Sharrocks

BBC News

Most people are affected by the cost of living crisis, but for those like Alice Moore, it is even more of an issue.

The 21-year-old Cardiff University student has cystic fibrosis, meaning she cannot easily cut her spending on food for health reasons.

She must buy specific products not often available in more affordable supermarkets, which has become harder since prices have soared.

"I do financially worry anyway," she said.

"It's annoying that it's not a choice I can make to scrimp on things because of my disability.

"I have to dip into my own money [to cover it]," she said. "It shouldn't be that way, and I have to scrimp and save on other things now because I need to afford food."

Disabled Students UK, the biggest disabled student-led organisation in the country, said the lack of support for students like her is "really disappointing".

The Welsh government has said it is committed to supporting disabled students through the cost of living crisis, but the National Union of Students (NUS) Wales believed more could be done to "ensure a level playing field".

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