Writing your own will? Watch out for these basic errors if you're using a cheap DIY kit

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2023-09-05 21:58:52  • 2 mins

More people are turning to homemade wills to save money during the financial crisis but lawyers fear it may lead to a sharp rise in inheritance disputes.

So-called DIY will kits can be purchased from a stationers for just 20.

They offer a cheap way to ensure a basic estate is divided according to your wishes on your death.

But unfortunately, without professional guidance, you could also overlook family members or accidentally give everything to a single person, leaving others with nothing.

In some cases, such as if a will has not been signed correctly by two adult independent witnesses who are not beneficiaries, the will can even be invalid. A solicitor charges from 150 to draw up a basic will.

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This article is intended for educational purposes only and is not legal advice. For guidance on your personal situation, please contact a lawyer. Though...
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