5 Ways People Are Using AI to Try to Make Money

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2023-06-09 16:43:28  • 9 mins

As entrepreneurs, corporate executives and investors race to figure out how to leverage artificial intelligence to make money, folks at home are also wondering if AI tools like ChatGPT can help them get rich.

On social media, there are countless videos, tweets and articles detailing methods for using AI to make money online with ideas like building websites, marketing products and selling AI-generated artistic creations.

Im about to show you how you can make hundreds of dollars a day online using ChatGPT, YouTuber Monique Hinton, promises in a recent video about AI side hustle ideas. And you dont have to have any skills to do this. Why? Because ChatGPT is going to do most of the work for you.

With pitches like this, its not surprising that Microsoft founder Bill Gates and countless others routinely describe AI as revolutionary. In many ways, ChatGPT and AI in general have taken the tech world by storm. Research indicates that ChatGPT can be used to predict stock prices, and companies that benefit from the rise of AI, like Nvidia and Google-owner Alphabet, have seen their stock prices surge in 2023.

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