Trumps beer track advantage over Ron DeSantis

2023-03-25 12:00:00  • 6 mins

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis pre-campaign campaign for president has hit the skids particularly among key blocs of voters hell need to dethrone former President Donald Trump next year.

Polls show Trump dominating his likely primary competitor among GOP voters in the so-called beer track a shorthand for the cultural and socioeconomic characteristics of the bloc of voters with lower incomes and levels of educational attainment. While DeSantis is still the preferred candidate of high-income voters and those with college degrees, he is showing signs of bleeding there, too. In recent weeks, Trumps numbers have been rising among all Republicans, including with GOP voters most skeptical of his candidacy in the so-called wine track.

Take, for example, this weeks Quinnipiac University poll which shows Trump leading DeSantis, 46 percent to 32 percent, with the other candidates each registering 5 percent or less. Trump had just a 6-point lead in Quinnipiacs poll last month.

Trump has a 17-point lead among Republicans without a college degree (up from a 10-point lead in February). And while DeSantis still leads among voters with a four-year degree, 40 percent to 28 percent, Trump has significantly cut into what was a 29-point deficit with those voters in the past month.

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