Trump scooped us: Dems sound alarm on Bidens handling of the auto worker strike

2023-09-19 12:00:00  • 7 mins

Some Joe Biden allies fear that Donald Trump is outmaneuvering them on the auto workers strike with his decision to head to Detroit for a speech next week.

Democrats close to the White House said they saw Trumps trip as a plainly cynical ploy to gain political advantage from the current United Auto Workers strike at three plants. But they also worry it is a sign that the ex-president had a more sophisticated campaign than in previous cycles and that Bidens operation needs to step it up.

We should not underestimate Donald Trump. Hes a survivor and this is going to be a very hard-fought campaign, said Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.), a member of Bidens national advisory board who was in Wayne, Mich., and Toledo, Ohio, on Monday with UAW members. We need a message to working-class Americans. Right now, theyre still hurting in terms of gas prices, food prices, housing costs, utilities costs, and they dont feel like their wages are going up fast enough, and they feel like the very wealthy are getting too much of the rewards. Thats what I heard on the picket lines.

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