Trend Micro Predicts Cloud Security Will Be Consumed by the SOC by 2026 - Trend Micro (OTC:TMICY)

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2023-06-09 12:02:55  • 6 mins

Emerging need for visibility across cloud will require ambitious professionals to evolve and adapt

Cloud security and the foundational practices of their teams will be absorbed into the SOC in the coming years.

Security leaders are recognizing that cloud and the way cloud security teams work today are becoming increasingly critical to business and IT operations. As a result, cloud security and the foundational practices of their teams will be absorbed into the SOC to increase efficiencies in the coming years.

"Valuable innovations always cross the threshold and are absorbed into standard operations -- happened with virtualization, and it will happen again with cloud," said Mike Milner, VP of cloud technology at Trend Micro. "The organizations and individuals that lean into this will lead the way."

Leaders who have successfully navigated cloud security are well placed to navigate a similar move to the modern SOC landscape.

Software is consuming everything, creating system infrastructure that is increasingly defined as code and reliant on large volumes of data with automation as the cornerstone for delivering value at increasing speeds. All these principles are foundational to teams building and securing in the cloud, but SOC and IT infrastructure teams' tooling, like cross-detection and response(XDR), also leverage these concepts and can benefit from absorbing the scale, skills, and expertise of cloud teams.

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