2022-11-25 13:00:18

7 Tips to Keep 'Porch Pirates' From Stealing Your Holiday

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By The Motley Fool

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The holiday season can be a particularly expensive time of year. This year, we're also grappling with record-high inflation, which has even come for your fancy holiday coffee. There are certainly plenty of ways to save money during the holidays. But one place where you might be more hesitant to cut back is your spending on gifts. It's really the time and care you extend to your loved ones all year that counts, but I can understand the impulse to splurge a little. Just try to avoid going into credit card debt, especially as interest rates rise.

What you don't want is to pick out the perfect gifts -- only to have someone steal your packages. These nefarious thieves are called porch pirates, and it can be a real bummer to get that email from Amazon saying your package was delivered, only to discover it's missing. Here's what you can do to ensure your holiday gifts make it to their intended recipients.

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