2023-01-25 07:30:08

Tech war: US tactics could come up short against Chinas long game

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By Stephen Roach

China continues to play a long game, whereas the US tactical assault on Chinese technology is all about short-term gains. As long as the US is trapped in a political system that places little value on strategy, there is no guarantee it will prevail in an existential tech conflict.

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PoliticsBy Hal Brands2023-01-24 22:00:12
Having incompetent enemies is a blessing. For three years, Chinese President Xi Jinping has showered blessings upon the US. A self-isolated, belligerent and...

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EconomyBy Salina Li2023-01-24 13:00:12
In 2021, China filed 1.59 million patent applications, more than double the number of the United States, the World Intellectual Property Organization says...

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PoliticsBy Navdeep Yadav2023-01-24 04:02:16
President Joe Biden -led administration has reportedly confronted Xi Jinping's government with evidence suggesting that some Chinese state-owned companies...

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Business / FinanceBy Christopher Tang2023-01-23 22:45:07
While on the surface, the US has reduced imports from China, it continues to depend on it indirectly. China is a key supplier of electronic components to...

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PoliticsBy Tobin Harshaw2023-01-21 13:00:16
The phrase “war game” has always struck me as a particularly unfortunate oxymoron. War isn’t Dungeons & Dragons, and any language that takes away from...

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PoliticsBy Betty Hou2023-01-25 04:53:46
Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen told Pope Francis that war with China was “not a option,” reaffirming her desire to avoid a conflict that could drag in the...

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PoliticsBy Sara Cook2023-01-24 18:11:32
Washington — The Biden administration has raised concerns with the Chinese government about Chinese companies selling non-lethal military aid to Russia for...

PoliticsBy Associated Press2023-01-25 05:10:55
BEIJING The Chinese government says the United States should stop pressuring it on debt relief for Zambia and get its own financial house to avert a default...

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Business / FinanceBy Edward Tse2023-01-24 12:30:12
Rather than being alarmed and making conclusions about the entire economy, the Dell news needs to be put in context of Chinas development. Labour-intensive...

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Business / FinanceBy Zhang Shidong2023-01-25 07:00:13
Citic Securities sees a good chance of gold prices reaching new heights in 2023 as central bank purchases brighten outlook Gold could also halt two years of...

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EconomyBy Ralph Jennings2023-01-25 04:00:18
Industry insiders point to growing pressure in the West to start seriously creating alternate supply locations outside mainland China Even semiconductor...

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Business / FinanceBy Zhang Shidong2023-01-25 01:30:08
Hong Kong stocks are now trading at an average 34 per cent discount to their yuan-traded counterparts, the smallest difference since April 2021 Global funds...

EconomyBy Silvia Amaro2023-01-20 12:17:31
Key Points The United States has taken a confrontational approach with China particularly when it comes to the technology sector. The European Union,...

Business / FinanceBy Will Knight2023-01-24 12:00:00
Experts fear sales of the technology also export authoritarian ideas about biometric surveillance. The second largest exporter is the US.

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EntertainmentBy Scaachi Koul2023-01-24 10:00:17
In Kathryn Mas new novel, The Chinese Groove, an overly optimistic Chinese man migrates to America to find connection and success. It doesnt go as planned....

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EconomyBy Anna Golubova2023-01-24 22:34:31
(Kitco News) China imported more gold from Switzerland last year and stepped up gold purchases from Russia, according to the latest import data releases....

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Business / FinanceBy Coco Feng2023-01-24 00:30:12
More than 152,000 technology workers were laid off last year, according to Layoffs.fyi, a website that tracks global job cuts in tech companies Most foreign...

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WorldBy Https://Www Facebook Com/Bbcnews2023-01-25 06:17:42
By Soutik Biswas India correspondent India and Pakistan came "close" to a "nuclear conflagration" in February 2019, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo...

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Business / FinanceBy The Economist2023-01-19 14:46:57
F or a compan y worth $430bn that straddles one of the worlds most dangerous geopolitical flashpoints, there is something endearingly unflustered about...

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TechnologyBy Zacks2023-01-23 18:00:00
Over the years, Chinas economy has become a key gauge of global economic and investment health. Chinas $13 trillion economy, second in size just after the...