Tech giants MUST help foil the foreign gangs targeting UK, says ANTHONY BROWNE MP

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2023-09-05 22:02:46  • 5 mins

Fraud is the biggest form of crime in the UK and these days it is a lot more than someone using your stolen credit card. It involves sophisticated scammers tricking you in to giving them your money.

Around 80 per cent of it is cyber-enabled criminals using social media to steal. They put up fake adverts for investment scams, pretend to have a car for sale that doesnt actually exist, or lure you into thinking they are your own child in need of emergency cash.

Scams can be seen as victimless crimes, but they cause emotional and financial devastation. More than three million people fall victim in the UK each year.

That is why I welcome the Daily Mails Stop The Social Media Scammers Campaign, highlighting the way the fraudsters work.

But, as the Mail is demanding, we also need to force social media companies to put stronger systems in place to stop the scammers.

Some, such as Google, Twitter and TikTok have already taken steps to stop fraud. Data from the banks show that 61 per cent of all so-called authorised push-payment scams in the UK are on platforms owned by Meta Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

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