2023-01-13 15:21:17

Student Loan Forgiveness: More Than a Dozen Briefs Have Been Filed in Support of Bidens Plan

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With the Biden administrations federal student loan forgiveness plan in limbo due to a series of legal challenges, supporters have been busy filing briefs urging the U.S. Supreme Court to authorize the plan.

Student Loan Forgiveness: Timeline of Events Leading Up To the Supreme Court Review

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Earlier this week, dozens of organizations and individuals including civil rights groups, labor unions, legal experts and state governments filed amicus briefs with the nations highest court, Yahoo Finance reported. The briefs were filed in anticipation of SCOTUSs review of lawsuits that challenge the legality of the plan, which aims to cancel up to $20,000 in federal student debt per borrower.

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Business / FinanceBy Annie Nova2023-01-12 18:55:46
Key Points Two law professors, in a brief to the Supreme Court, said they think Biden's student loan forgiveness plan is "unlawful" but they still urge the...

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Business / FinanceBy Alicia Adamczyk2023-01-12 16:44:12
As student loan forgiveness remains stalled by SCOTUS, a massive coalition of states, local governments, and scholars come out in favor of widespread relief.

Business / FinanceBy Annie Nova2023-01-11 19:05:08
Key Points The Biden administration has rolled out a new proposal to dramatically lower monthly payments for federal student loan borrowers. Borrowers could...

Business / FinanceBy Annie Nova2023-01-08 14:00:01
Key Points President Joe Biden's student loan forgiveness plan may fall through due to challenges in Supreme Court. Borrowers should explore the many other...

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Business / FinanceBy Tara Siegel Bernard2023-01-10 10:00:09
The Education Department on Tuesday released long-awaited details on a piece of President Bidens student loan debt plan that would enable millions of...

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Business / FinanceBy Money Com2023-01-10 19:38:05
The Biden Administration is taking the next step toward introducing a more generous student loan repayment plan that could reduce payments for millions of...

Business / FinanceBy Annie Nova2023-01-10 14:47:14
Key Points The U.S. Department of Education proposed regulations on Tuesday that would reduce the monthly bills for certain federal student loan borrowers....

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Business / FinanceBy Go Banking Rates2023-01-09 19:00:08
The road to student loan forgiveness is a long and winding one since President Joe Biden announced the much-anticipated administrations program on Aug. 24,...

PoliticsBy Collin Binkley2023-01-10 10:22:38
WASHINGTON The White House is moving forward with a proposal that would lower student debt payments for millions of Americans now and in the future, offering...

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Business / FinanceBy Alicia Adamczyk2023-01-09 15:16:48
The Biden administration is defending its widespread debt relief by saying that the pandemic "profoundly disrupted" the economy. New research suggests...

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PoliticsBy Melissa Quinn2023-01-05 16:27:05
Washington — The Biden administration on Wednesday urged the Supreme Court to uphold its plan to forgive up to $20,000 in student loan debt, arguing lower...

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Politics2023-01-13 02:17:58
Harris County and the city of Houston joined more than three dozen other local governments across 23 states to file an amicus brief in Biden v. Nebraska, a...

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Politics2023-01-10 12:33:11
Washington — The White House is moving forward with a proposal that would lower student debt payments for millions of Americans now and in the future,...

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Business / FinanceBy Alicia Adamczyk2023-01-10 18:48:12
The plan from the Department of Education would change how income-driven repayment plans work, cutting how much a borrower will owe each month and decreasing...

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PoliticsBy Aj Fabino2023-01-12 17:05:29
President Joe Biden said Thursdayhe would veto any bill passed by the newly Republican-led House of Representatives that would significantly reduce IRS...

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PoliticsBy Josh Wingrove2023-01-12 16:06:48
President Joe Biden took credit for helping to ease costs for US consumers after the latest data showed prices actually fell in December — the first negative...

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Business / FinanceBy Alicia Adamczyk2023-01-05 15:23:41
The government is kicking off the new year by defending student loan cancelation for 40 million borrowers.

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PoliticsBy Ben Shpigel2023-01-12 22:23:15
Attorney General Merrick B. Garland on Thursday provided a more detailed timeline regarding the discovery of classified documents from the Obama...

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PoliticsBy Susan Milligan2023-01-10 10:01:00
Amid an ongoing court battle to lower or cancel student debt, the Biden administration is using its regulatory authority to reduce the debt burden for low-...

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PoliticsBy Katie Lobosco2023-01-03 19:58:53
Washington CNN — Student loan borrowers are starting 2023 with a lot of uncertainty. The fate of President Joe Bidens major student loan forgiveness program...