SALLY SORTS IT:A dog bit me on holiday but Staysure won't pay up

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2023-05-30 22:46:19  • 5 mins

A dog bit my hand while I was travelling in France to visit my son.

The medical bill for my treatment was 3,845 and I made a claim for this amount on my Staysure travel insurance policy. Three months later the claim has not been settled.

I have always travelled with the security that I have my insurance policy as backup to pay for unforeseen expenses. But I have totally lost confidence in that being the case. I hope you can help me end this saga.

S. L. B., St Helier, Jersey.

Sally Hamilton replies: You were quietly enjoying some refreshments in a cafe, when suddenly a French bulldog launched itself across the terrace towards your table.

You instinctively put your hand down towards it which you now regret as it proceeded to sink its teeth into your fingers.

You went to Rennes University Hospital in Brittany, where your wound was dressed and you were prescribed antibiotics.

But, as you continued your journey by car, the wound got worse. By the time you reached your son's property in the South of France, some days later, your hand had swollen to twice its normal size.

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