The Richest County in Every State

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2023-09-19 13:00:18  • 7 mins

The richest counties in each U.S state, gathered in a recent GOBankingRates study, offer wide ranges of wealth, lifestyles and surroundings.

Some of the counties on our list include major cities. Some dont include any cities. Some of the counties have populations over a million. Others, just a few thousand.

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The county with the highest median income in our list more than doubles the median income of the county with the lowest. Some counties are surrounded by water, others by desert or mountains.

Some counties arent even counties weve ranked parishes in Louisiana. Alaskas median income champion is a designated census area.

The following numbers are based on the U.S. Census Bureaus American Community Survey for 2021, the most recent available. Our list counts down by state, lowest numbers to highest. Weve also included each countys largest cities and/or towns by population, based on U.S. Census data.

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