US plans vast AI fleet to counter China - WSJ

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2023-09-06 10:20:42  • 1 min

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:The U.S department of Defense is considering the development of a vast network of Artificial Intelligence-powered technology, drones and autonomous systems within the next two years to counter threats from China, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.

In a speech on Wednesday the deputy secretary of defense, Kathleen Hicks will sketch out some of the air, land and sea capabilities that the Pentagon is looking to develop, the report added.

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The UKs summit on artificial intelligence will look at protecting humanitys future by countering the risk of losing control of the machines, the Deputy Prime...
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UNITED NATIONS (AP) Britain pitched itself to the world Friday as a ready leader in shaping an international response to the rise of artificial intelligence,...
Federal Reserve Gov. Lisa Cook said artificial intelligence could be a boon to the U.S. labor market if workers, employers and policymakers are adequately...
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2023-09-22 19:56:33  • 1 min
The pace of AI development is outpacing what solutions we need to put in place to maximize the benefits and limit the risks, the Israeli Prime Minister warned.
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By Chris Vallance Technology reporter, BBC News Artificial intelligence could destabilise the world order unless governments act, the deputy prime minister...
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The surgeon general has determined that investing in artificial intelligence (AI) has proven to be advantageous to your financial health. OK, not really....
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Vietnam signed deals with US businesses during Bidens visit when he vowed more cooperation in cloud computing, semiconductors and artificial intelligence...
In an effort to alleviate economic and geopolitical tensions, the United States and China have formed a new framework for regular economic dialogue,...
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The Treasury Department and Ministry of Finance will establish a durable channel of communication" to "promote a healthy economic competition."
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Artificial intelligence is developing too fast for regulators to keep up, the UKs deputy prime minister is to announce as he aims to galvanise other...
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2023-09-21 23:01:01  • 1 min
The Deputy Prime Minister will warn that global regulation is falling behind current advances in artificial intelligence in a speech to the UN General...
Federal Reserve Governor Lisa Cook acknowledged the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance labor productivity in the United States on Friday....
2023-09-22 13:37:10  • 1 min
NEW YORK The Biden administration pledged $100 million on Friday to support a proposed Kenyan-led multinational force to restore security to conflict-ravaged...
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Training employees to spot typos or wonky grammar in an email as a sign of phishing is not enough to thwart cyber attacks in the age of advanced AI. "Now the...
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The rising popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) has caught the attention of just about everybody on Wall Street. Analysts at financial institutions are...
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Enthusiasm about artificial intelligence (AI) has driven substantial gains in the stock market this year, and it certainly has investors' attention. The...
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Technology has turned out to be the most profitable sector so far this year, driven by the artificial intelligence (AI) boom, easing inflation and a surge in...
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US Treasury Deputy Secretary, Wally Adeyemo: Africa is full of potential US Treasury Deputy Secretary, Wally Adeyemo: Africa is full of potentialClose The...
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Key Points The chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence warned that artificial intelligence could be manipulated to affect the 2024 U.S....
2023-09-20 14:29:33  • 1 min