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R.A.W.'s newly released The Next President of the United States: A Common Sense Approach to Fixing Ameri

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"The Next President of the United States: A Common Sense Approach to Fixing America" from Christian Faith Publishing author R.A.W. is a thought-provoking discussion of current challenges facing the American way of life and a possible path forward for a more positive outcome.

MEADVILLE, Pa., Jan. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- "The Next President of the United States: A Common Sense Approach to Fixing America": a potent argument for the need for a return to traditional values and common sense practices. "The Next President of the United States: A Common Sense Approach to Fixing America" is the creation of published author R.A.W., a blue-collar Christian family man who served both country and community in uniform for close to two decades.

R.A.W. shares, "This great country was founded on Christian principles and ideologies to escape a tyrannical government and pave the pathway to freedom for its citizens. However, there are those in power who are desperately trying to take away our freedoms through force, coercion, deception, and indoctrination. As a result, American democracy is on the verge of collapse. This should not come as a surprise as great civilizations of the past have followed the same predictable sequence. Measures must be taken to stop this sequence if we care for our way of life. Fixing the problem is not a task reserved for the select elite in power. We the people can implement 'common sense' solutions to save our beloved country. If democracy is lost in America, then it will be lost to the world. This book was created by a concerned citizen and gifted to those willing to open their eyes to the truth. Join me on this journey to salvation."

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