Netflix subscriptions rise as password-sharing crackdown takes effect

2023-06-09 21:44:54  • 3 mins

Key Points

  • Netflix has seen its four biggest days of subscriber additions in the four-and-a-half years that data provider Antenna has been tracking the service.
  • The boost comes soon after Netflix began rolling out its password sharing crackdown in the U.S.
  • The streamer told its U.S. members via email beginning in late May: Your Netflix account is for you and the people you live with your household.

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Netflix sign in page displayed on a laptop sscreen and Netflix logo displayed on a phone screen are seen in this illustration photo taken in Krakow, Poland on January 2, 2023.

Jakub Porzycki | Nurphoto | Getty Images

The Netflix crackdown on password sharing is in its early days in the U.S., but it appears to be having the effect the streamer was looking for a boost to its subscriber base.

Since alerting its members in late May of its new password sharing policy, Netflix had its four single largest days of signing up U.S. customers since data provider Antenna began tracking the service. In that time, Netflix has seen nearly 100,000 daily signups on two of the days, according to the report from Antenna.

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