2023-01-24 11:00:00

Mindfulness exercises can help relieve anxiety as effectively as medications like Lexapro

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By L'oreal Thompson Payton

New study shows practicing mindfulness can help alleviate anxiety.

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HealthBy Natasha O'neill2023-01-23 12:00:00
One in four Canadians have been experiencing high levels of anxiety, a study by Mental Health Research Canada says. As more people interact with mental...

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HealthPress Release2023-01-23 22:43:15
"Navigating the Blues: Where to Turn When Worry, Anxiety, or Depression Steals Your Hope" by Katara Washington Patton (Our Daily Bread Publishing)

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HealthBy Hilary A Marusak2023-01-12 13:22:40
Many people look to diet trends or new exercise regimens often with questionable benefit to get a healthier start on the new year. But there is one strategy...

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TechnologyPress Release2023-01-23 05:00:00
Peaceful Sleep Journeys app ASMR meditations, lullabies, music, sounds, anxiety relief, stress relief, insomnia relief Peaceful Sleep Journeys app ASMR...

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HealthBy Kate Pickles2023-01-23 23:30:46
Adding just six minutes of intense daily exercise can boost brain power in middle age, a new study suggests. Both moderate and vigorous physical activity...

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HealthPress Release2023-01-23 17:18:23
Emergen Research Logo Growing cases of depression is a key factor driving mental wellness market revenue growth Mental Wellness Market Size USD 401.31...

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HealthPress Release2023-01-23 14:00:00
Mental health survey of nearly 20,000 college students finds 40% are thriving but are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety, feeling overwhelmed....

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HealthBy Nilima Marshall2023-01-23 01:00:00
Commonly-prescribed antidepressants can make patients become less sensitive to rewards affecting a key behavioural learning process that can lead to...

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TechnologyPress Release2023-01-24 09:37:00
OPPO users get access to an exclusive app called O Relax that offers a peaceful sanctuary on their smartphone Packed with high-quality audio and customizable...

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PoliticsBy Jelena Martinovic2023-01-23 17:39:29
It's no secret that cannabis and LGBTQ reform efforts have been intertwined for decades. Some even believe that one would not exist without the other....

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HealthBy Daily2023-01-23 01:04:52
Antidepressants can make patients feel emotionally dull, according to scientists. One class of antidepressants, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors...

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HealthBy Lauren Pelley2023-01-24 09:00:00
For Jesica Hurst, kicking off the weekend used to mean having a glass of wine. Drinking was also her go-to for all kinds of situations, from combating social...

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HealthPress Release2023-01-24 03:00:00
Local Health Pros Open Psychedelic Wellness Center in Arcadia

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EntertainmentPress Release2023-01-19 13:50:00
Mindfulness is twofold. It is being mindful of yourself and your limits and boundaries. It is also equally important to be mindful of others and their limits...

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PoliticsBy Health Day2023-01-23 15:50:00
By American Heart Association News MONDAY, Jan. 23, 2023 (American Heart Association News) -- Several years ago, researchers published in JAMA a promising...

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PoliticsBy Health Day2023-01-23 12:24:00
By Alan Mozes HealthDay Reporter MONDAY, Jan. 23, 2023 (HealthDay News) -- When kids suffer a concussion, an extended period of rest at home is always the...

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HealthPress Release2023-01-24 04:43:00
BELLEVUE, Wash., Jan. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- RoundGlass, a global Wholistic Wellbeing company has identified cutting-edge wellness trends for the year...

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Business / FinanceBy L'oreal Thompson Payton2023-01-16 23:30:00
Meditating can improve gut health and reduce mental illness

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HealthPress Release2023-01-23 14:00:00
Valera Health's Platform Meets Growing Need for Access to Quality, Affordable Mental Health Services NEW YORK, Jan. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Valera Health, a...