Major shortage of ADAS-qualified car technicians predicted by 2030

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2023-05-29 07:00:46  • 4 mins

Drivers will soon struggle to find enough car mechanics to work on a fast-developing technology designed to make cars safer, experts warn.

This skills shortage poses an 'immediate threat to road safety' in the coming years, according to the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) - the trade body for the motor trade.

The IMI forecasts a major skills gap for the number of technicians qualified to work on assisted and autonomous driving technology.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which includes features such as adaptive cruise control and lane-departure warnings, are common in new cars today.

However, there are just 3,000 mechanics certified to work on vehicles equipped with them.

In a new report published tomorrow, the IMI says five per cent of UK cars today are equipped with ADAS.

These features qualify as 'Level 2' autonomy.

There are six graduated levels of vehicle automation, ranging from 'Level 0' (where the driver is 100 per cent in control at all times and no features are available) to 'Level 5', which refers to full automation when cars of the future are expected to be entirely self-driving.

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