Invest Like a Political Insider with These 2 New ETFs

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2023-06-09 23:20:11  • 6 mins

Politics are increasingly creeping into all areas of American life, and for better or worse, investing is not immune to this phenomenon. We recently covered the growing number of ETFs that allow people to invest in companies that they believe are aligned with their viewpoints. These ETFs do this by screening for companies that donate money to political candidates or causes.

Now, Subversive ETFs has unveiled an interesting new twist on political ETFs with two brand new ETFS, one for each opposing side of the aisle -- the Unusual Whales Subversive Republican Trading ETF (BATS:KRUZ) and the Unusual Whales Subversive Democratic Trading ETF (BATS:NANC). How do they work, and could they be worthy of a place in your portfolio?

How Do These ETFs Invest Like Political Insiders?

As one might guess, the Democratic version of this ETFs ticker is a reference to Democratic congresswoman and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, while the Republican ying to NANCs yang is named for Ted Cruz, the high-profile Republican Senator from Texas and former presidential candidate.

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