Housing Market 2023: Where Its Headed, According To Experts

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2023-01-24 15:15:08  • 6 mins

It has been a wild few years for the housing market. If youre thinking about buying or selling in 2023, youre probably feeling a bit apprehensive about the process.

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Theres no way to know exactly which challenges youll face, but you want to be as prepared as possible. GOBankingRates spoke with several real estate experts to find out what they think this years housing market could look like.

Buyers Will Get Some Leverage

The market has shifted to a buyer-friendlier market, but sellers still hold a lot of cards, said Lindsay McLean, co-founder and CEO of HomeLister. As mortgage rates rise and affordability dips, sellers may have to shift their expectations to match the changing market and buyers [will] have more leverage.

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Will 2023 be the year Americans become homeowners? In a June 2023 press release from BMO Financial Group, the latest BMO Real Financial Progress Index...
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2023-06-06 12:01:14  • 1 min
Overall the number of real estate auctions dropped by 9% in 2022 compared to the year prior.
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2023-06-09 10:00:00  • 1 min
Key Points The supply of homes for sale in the U.S. is about half of what it was in 2019. The shortage is hitting some buyers more than others, based on...
2023-06-08 17:39:31  • 2 mins
Some of these buildings that haven't even been completed yet are being leased out by shipping and logistics companies.
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2023-06-09 17:47:21  • 1 min
Citi Global Wealth Investments today released its Mid-Year Wealth Outlook 2023 report - Opportunities on the Horizon: Investing Through a Slowing Economy....
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2023-06-08 21:48:00  • 2 mins
Prospective homebuyers arent feeling very confident about purchasing a home in a market plagued by inflation and high mortgage rates, according to new...
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2023-06-08 20:37:33  • 1 min
While we have been grappling with high inflation for more than a year, we should note that the U.S. inflation has already peaked and has been on a downtrend...
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2023-06-09 17:00:00  • 2 mins
The economic, banking, and investment landscape of the next decade is likely to look materially different from the recent past.
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2023-06-08 10:21:15  • 1 min
If you have a 10- or 15-year mortgage and are struggling to make your monthly payments, refinancing into a 20-year fixed-rate mortgage can help make those...
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2023-06-09 07:21:59  • 1 min
Of the 148 real estate agents surveyed, 84 said they expect prices to increase between 0 and 5% over the next year.
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2023-06-09 19:48:08  • 1 min
Best News Website or Mobile Service WAN-IFRA Digital Media Awards Worldwide Best News Website or Mobile Service Digital Media Awards Worldwide MANILA : The...
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2023-06-09 07:59:05  • 1 min
While the current housing market is lacking in inventory overall, theres a dire deficiency in the supply of homes that the middle class can actually afford...
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2023-06-09 18:53:22  • 1 min
The storm clouds gathering over the housing market darkened as one of Britains biggest builders warned of a further slowdown. Just 24 hours after lender...
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2023-06-08 20:58:38  • 1 min
El Nino, the infamous and recurring weather phenomenon characterized by an abnormal warming of the Pacific Ocean, has long been a topic of interest for...
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2023-06-09 12:00:00  • 1 min
Cincinnati was among the 33% of metropolitan markets analyzed by Attom that saw a boost in investment returns between 2021 and 2022, with ROI up to 47.4%...
Labour has rowed back on its pledge to invest 28bn a year in green industries, saying it needs to be "responsible" with the public finances. In 2021 Labour...
2023-06-09 07:41:45  • 1 min
Nio forecast suggests Chinese EV builders might report a strong sales recovery: analyst Projected June delivery number translates into a monthly surge of...
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House prices fell last month for the first time in more than a decade and further gloom is expected after 'storm clouds gathered' over the market. Prices in...
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2023-06-07 23:11:51  • 1 min
An analysis by CBRE estimates that a severe downturn in commercial real estate could wipe out the Tier 1 capital of more than 300 banks, most of which are...
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2023-06-09 19:25:03  • 1 min