Heres How People Are Returning to the Office Worldwide

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2023-09-04 04:01:43  • 8 mins

A citys density, the size of peoples homes and cultural norms are among the factors that affect hybrid work patterns.

By Emma Goldberg,John Yoon,Jenny Gross,Hikari Hida and Melissa Eddy

The reporters collaborated from their locations in New York, Seoul, London, Tokyo and Berlin.

In London, a politician wrote not-so-subtle notes to remote workers last year, hoping to persuade them to spend more time in the office: Sorry you were out when I visited, Jacob Rees-Mogg, then a government minister, recalled writing in messages left on the desks of Cabinet Office staff members who were working from home.

In Seoul, Jem Kim, who started a new job at a private equity firm, hoped to ask for permission to work some days from home, but quickly learned she had to be in the office full time.

And in San Mateo, Calif., executives at Sequoia, a human resources technology company, said that though they had not mandated a return to office for most employees, they had tried to make the office environment so close-knit that people couldnt help but feel major FOMO (fear of missing out) when they joined meetings by videoconference.

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