Healthy Workplace Relationships Boost Your Bottom Line. Heres How.

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2023-06-08 14:00:22  • 8 mins

Relationships have been a consistent part of professional activity since the beginning of civilization. Egyptian laborers had to collaborate effectively as they dragged stones to the pyramids of Giza. Serfs had to work together to grow and distribute enough food during the Middle Ages. Arctic explorers had to support one another as they sought the location of the Earths two poles.

In the 21st century, the need for workplace relationships endures even if things like remote workspaces and asynchronous work schedules are changing how workers build and maintain relationships. Despite these challenges, healthy relationships between and among employers and employees must remain a priority for modern professionals not just because they make work life easier. They can directly impact a companys bottom line, too.

What is a workplace relationship?

When the term workplace relationship is used, it can conjure up a variety of different images. Some people might picture intimate connections with coworkers. Others could think of a great boss theyve had in the past. They might think of group events they participated in, too.

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