Grant Cardone Shares the Clever Method He Uses To Prevent Money Arguments With His Wife

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2023-09-10 23:00:40  • 4 mins

Money is the top cause of disagreements between couples, and its the No. 2 reason couples divorce (behind infidelity), a 2018 Ramsey Solutions study found. One of the reasons money fights are so common is that partners dont often see eye-to-eye on the topic.

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Almost every couple Ive ever met views money differently, said Grant Cardone, who will be hosting the 10X Couples Retreat with his wife, Elena, in October. I know my wife and I view money differently. She thinks its able to come endlessly and without any effort, and I believe that it takes tremendous amounts of energy and effort to get it right.

But despite their differing views, Cardone and his wife have developed a system to keep money arguments to a minimum.

The 1 to 5 Scale

Before making any major purchases, Grant and Elena Cardone give the purchase a rating on a one to five scale.

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