By Mariko Oi Business reporter Energy giant Chevron and unions have struck a deal to end strikes at two large liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities in...
2023-09-22 00:47:47  • 1 min
Key Points A noon Friday deadline for expanded strikes by the United Auto Workers union against the Detroit automakers is closing in. The union and General...
2023-09-21 18:01:52  • 1 min
Key Points Google's exclusive contracts proved to be an "obstacle" for DuckDuckGo in pitching browsers on becoming the default search engine for their...
2023-09-21 17:43:46  • 1 min
Return to office mandates from the likes of Amazon, Google and Meta are workingoccupancy in New York, San Francisco and Washington are up since Labor Day.
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2023-09-21 10:14:47  • 1 min
Elon Musk, the Tesla chief executive, may be able to exploit his rivals weaknesses, but the United Auto Workers union also has the electric carmaker in its...
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2023-09-21 16:39:11  • 1 min
Strikes: Health workers call for equal treatment over pay Strikes: Health workers call for equal treatment over payClose Health and social care workers in...
2023-09-21 13:21:11  • 1 min
More than 5,000 Google employees are working in Zurich, and their expensive tastes might be making the city unlivable for locals.
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2023-09-21 12:23:37  • 1 min
LOS ANGELES (AP) Hollywood studios and striking screenwriters are resuming negotiations for the second consecutive day Thursday. The talks could potentially...
The former employees said their experience is emblematic of a systemic problem in Silicon Valley and more generally in large American companies.
The federal government argues Google has smothered competition by paying companies such as Apple and Verizon to lock in its search engine as the default.
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2023-09-21 18:13:07  • 1 min
'As concerned as I am about jobs, I have an even deeper underlying concern about bias,' writes Indeed CEO Chris Hyams.
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2023-09-21 09:37:48  • 1 min
By Aileen Moynagh BBC News NI Thousands of health and social care workers in Northern Ireland have begun a 48-hour strike as part of a pay dispute. The...
2023-09-21 05:14:47  • 2 mins
After two straight days of talks, the studios and the writers still remained apart on several points. Top Hollywood executives joined negotiations between...
Republican-led states accused the Labor Department of violating a federal law covering retirement plans, part of a battle that goes back several years. A...
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2023-09-22 01:57:27  • 1 min
Key Points As the UAW union enters day six of targeted strikes against the Detroit automakers, GM President Mark Reuss is criticizing union leadership for...
2023-09-20 15:21:58  • 1 min
Council of Economic Advisers Chair Jared Bernstein claims the UAW strike is actually a sign the economy is doing well.
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2023-09-21 16:33:15  • 1 min
(RTTNews) - Tech major Google, owned by Alphabet Inc. (GOOG), had discussions to drop Broadcom Inc. (AVGO) as its AI chip supplier as early as 2027, over a...
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2023-09-21 12:58:09  • 1 min
WASHINGTON (AP) Appearing in the biggest antitrust trial in a quarter century, DuckDuckGo founder Gabriel Weinberg testified Thursday that it was hard for...
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2023-09-21 17:43:26  • 1 min
General Motors and Stellantis announced fresh layoffs Wednesday that they blamed on damage from the United Auto Workers strike.
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2023-09-21 09:50:38  • 1 min
Gabriel Weinberg of the search engine DuckDuckGo was the first competitor to testify in the Justice Departments antitrust trial against Google. The chief...
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2023-09-21 19:14:47  • 1 min