Globalnewsonline: Jiang Mingcheng "Mingcheng College": The Highest Level Of Band Operation

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NEW YORK, Nov. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is a report from Globalnewsonline:

In the stock market, the stock price trend is generally in the form of fluctuating bands, which is variable. That is to say, price fluctuations are like waves with "ups and downs". Jiang Mingcheng is known as a "wave band prophet" in the market, which makes perfect use of capital movement studies and unique operational strategies.

In wave theory, a group of rising waves comprises three upward-rising waves and two downward-adjusting waves. The crest of each rising wave is raised one by one, and the trough of each adjusting wave is also raised one by one. Therefore, the average level of prices is always rising.

Imagine that in a group of rising wave operations, you can buy low from the beginning of wave 1, then hold as the price rises until the high point at the top of wave 5 to sell. Assuming that this group of rising waves' relatively low and high levels can be accurately judged, then this single group eats the entire big band. Another operation method is to subdivide this group of rising waves and also assume that the relatively low and high levels of a lower level can be judged by technical means. This group of rising waves can be divided into three small bands to do.

Mr. Jiang says that the first method can be called the "eating the big band"and the second method is, "differentiated" band. The advantage of the former method: it is easier to seize the big band market and avoid stepping on the short market by paying less attention to the trend. The disadvantage of the former method: it may be necessary to endure a longer period of adjustment in the market and at the same time tolerate the loss of a large floating profit at a high level. The advantage of the latter method: profits can be cashed out quickly only in the main rising market, sparing you with the suffering of retracement. The disadvantage of the latter: spending more energy on the trend may make a big band fragmented and miss a part of the profit.

Mr. Jiang also says that the trend level is relative; the trend operated by "eat the big band" is also within a larger level of the trend. The "big band" mentioned here is a relatively suitable trend level for medium and long-term term operations, which generally refers to an upward market that can last for weeks or months. The "differentiated" band is lower than the "big band", generally referring to an upward trend lasting for several days or weeks.

Mr. Jiang describes some points for attention in band operation:

1. Choose a suitable trading target

Mr. Jiang suggests stocks with relatively stable and promising historical market trends and moderate circulation size. It should be noted that some stocks are destined to be difficult to carry out band operations. If you do not want to spend energy on stock selection, you can directly operate ETF index funds, and markets above the intermediate level will not be missed.

2. Subject to the trading signal sent by the K-line

Everything depends on the price, and the signals are triggered by the price. Mr. Jiang says that guessing the target location is subjective, and in the long run, it is easy to miss the big market, or make a complete wave of the market scattered, so that profits are reduced.

3. Keep it simple

Commonly used technical analyses include K chart, K-line pattern, moving average, MACD indicator, support and resistance level, trading volume, etc. Mr. Jiang suggests finding one or two methods that you are proficient in to summarize trading principles as simple and clearly as possible.

4. Make reasonable use of stop-loss

Mr. Jiang especially emphasized the reasonable use of a stop-loss. Unreasonable stop-loss will only cause more damage. Specific stop-loss methods will be mentioned later.

5. Firmly implement and strictly observe disciplines

Investors should put their methods into a fixed and well-defined trading system to be a systematic trader. Mr. Jiang believes that once the system is in place, it will be easier to review or execute. Trading is like fighting, and discipline should be emphasized.

6. Be patient

Learn to rest in a market where the main trend is down, and learn to hold in a market where the main trend is up. As the saying goes, patience is a virtue. In the market, patience is money. When others are busy rushing in and out, they create opportunities for your next move.

Mr. Jiang believes that the highest level of band operation should be able to eat the established level of the middle of the market, with each band operation corresponding to a level of a wave of the rising market. Band operation does not capture 100% of the market, because band operation signals to buy when the market starts, and sell after the market ends. The points of operation are in the head area and the bottom area, and eating about 70% of the market is a successful band operation.

If you can combine some other technologies and experiences to make a comprehensive judgment, you may eat more of the market, but never try to eat 100% of the market; Mr. Jiang warns, "Leave the head and tail with more fishbones to others, and truly understand the situation". The K-line is alive so investors should try to follow its "trend" from a historical perspective. "Life is never noisy", and dexterity is the spontaneous overflow of excellent brand operation.

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