Filmmaker Alana Mediavilla On Bitcoins Energy Consumption, Education And Closing The Gender Gap

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2023-05-30 04:00:00  • 5 mins

Its no secret that those who feel threatened by Bitcoin will attack it. Just a month ago, The New York Times published a malicious article on Bitcoin minings energy usage. Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts has repeatedly attacked Bitcoin from a variety of angles, going so far as to launch an anti-crypto army targeting Bitcoin as a hazard to consumers, all while misleading the public on the environmental impact of Bitcoin.

These verbal assaults are not isolated and the examples above represent only a small piece of the uphill climb Bitcoin has to mass adoption. To put it mildly, Bitcoin is disrupting countless industries, making centralized authorities fearful of losing their monopoly on money and the power that accompanies it. Bitcoin essentially calls the bluff on corrupt bureaucrats and infinitely-inflatable fiat currencies that further enrich those who own assets while eating away at the purchasing power of those living paycheck to paycheck. Because Bitcoin is location-agnostic and capable of utilizing flexible loads, it naturally increases demand for the cheapest energy sources, which are often stranded natural gas or renewables.

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