House Democratic centrists hold the key to bailing out Kevin McCarthy. Yet hes given them no incentive to salvage his besieged speakership, according to a...
2023-10-03 15:17:58  • 1 min
Speaker Kevin McCarthys slender majority and the number of right-wing rebels in favor of ousting him mean that he has little chance of survival without at...
WASHINGTON Speaker Kevin McCarthy plans to force a vote Tuesday on the far-right effort to oust him from his leadership position and insists he will not cut...
2023-10-03 15:31:26  • 1 min
Matt Gaetzs move to unseat Kevin McCarthy is adding volatility to equity and bond markets. A House mutiny messes up the markets Representative Matt Gaetz of...
Logo The New York TimesThe New York Times
2023-10-03 11:56:27  • 1 min
Key Points President Joe Biden Biden spoke with the leaders of the Group of Seven Countries, NATO and the European Commission to coordinate support for...
2023-10-03 16:56:32  • 1 min
"They haven't asked for anything. I'm not going to provide anything," McCarthy says.
2023-10-03 13:12:23  • 1 min
The removal of Rep. Kevin McCarthy from his role as House speaker could have far-reaching implications, especially with Congress still needing to fund the...
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2023-10-03 23:33:00  • 1 min
A motion to table a vote to oust Kevin McCarthy fell short on Tuesday, teeing up a vote to remove the speaker from his post and throwing the House into...
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2023-10-03 19:16:29  • 1 min
Key Points Congress and Washington, D.C., buzzed over the question of whether President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy cut a secret deal that...
2023-10-02 20:17:01  • 1 min
WASHINGTON Rep. Kevin McCarthy had support from 208 members of his conference to remain as House speaker. But it took only eight dissenters in his party to...
2023-10-04 03:25:20  • 2 mins
WASHINGTON The House of Representatives is entering uncharted territory after a far-right effort to remove fellow Republican Kevin McCarthy from the...
2023-10-03 22:28:12  • 2 mins
Washington — Far-right Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida demanded answers about an alleged "secret side deal" between House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and...
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2023-10-02 17:46:00  • 1 min
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Biden are facing a barrage of questions about whether they made a secret side deal on Ukraine funding, after...
Logo CBS NewsCBS News
2023-10-02 20:27:00  • 1 min
The House voted 216-210 to remove the speaker who just averted a shutdown.
Logo FortuneFortune
2023-10-03 20:58:54  • 1 min
Party officials said that without promises to address their policy priorities, the speaker should not count on Democratic votes to save him. The hard-right...
Logo The New York TimesThe New York Times
2023-10-02 20:22:21  • 1 min
Hard-right Republicans are making good on a threat to remove House Speaker Kevin McCarthy as Rep. Matt Gaetz moved to oust him Monday. Now, both McCarthy and...
Logo CBS NewsCBS News
2023-10-03 14:02:51  • 1 min
WASHINGTON President Joe Biden convened a call Tuesday with U.S. allies and partners to coordinate future support for Ukraine after Congress passed and he...
2023-10-03 15:00:04  • 1 min
Political unrest has been ignited in Congress due to a 45-day funding bridge, with Rep. Matt Gaetz spearheading an effort to oust Speaker Kevin McCarthy,...
2023-10-02 19:19:55  • 1 min
Washington — The House on Tuesday voted 216 to 210 to remove California Republican Kevin McCarthy from his position as House speaker, a historic move that...
Logo CBS NewsCBS News
2023-10-03 20:46:40  • 1 min
The House is officially moving toward a final vote that could strip the Californian of his gavel.
2023-10-03 18:47:52  • 1 min