Bitcoin Can Save Californias Largest Pension Fund From Its Existential Problems

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2023-06-08 12:00:00  • 11 mins

This is an opinion editorial by Dom Bei, the former Santa Monica Firefighters Union president.

Authors note: Pension issues have been in and out of the media for decades. My own background and perspective on these issues come from over a decade of experience as an executive board member for my local firefighters union. Additionally, I sat on my municipalitys pension advisory board, where I learned the fundamentals of pension funds. This is a complex issue, but one worthy of our time and attention due to its significance in the global financial system and the lives of our workforce.


What if I told you that the largest pension fund in the United States could be rescued by Bitcoin? Furthermore, what if it could happen in a way that maintains 100% of its primary portfolio investments in traditional markets? I know. For those who dont Bitcoin, many of you will stop here. But I urge you to read on a bit further. And for those who do Bitcoin, there is likely a pension near you facing a similar dilemma.

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