2022-11-25 10:28:23

Beijing grinds to a near halt as China's capital city battles Covid with more lockdowns

By Evelyn Cheng

Key Points

  • More and more apartment compounds in Beijing on Friday forbade residents from leaving for at least a few days.
  • You constantly hear of someone going into lockdown and you have this constant feeling that you're going to be next, Joerg Wuttke, president of the EU Chamber of Commerce in China, said Friday.
  • It was not clear how many people were affected at a city level, and to what degree stay-in-place measures were being enforced.

Covid restrictions have tightened in Beijing while infections keep soaring, prompting lockdowns of communities.

Jade Gao | Afp | Getty Images

BEIJING China's capital city is grinding to a near standstill as Covid controls spread.

More and more apartment compounds in Beijing on Friday forbade residents from leaving for at least a few days. That's on top of a growing number of bans on business activity, which have forced gyms to close and restaurants to halt in-store dining.

This morning most of our 30+ staff reported their communities went into a 7-day lockdown, James Zimmerman, partner in the Beijing office of Perkins Coie, said on Twitter Friday. He said a day earlier, the firm had to tell all its employees to work from home.

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