2023-01-25 17:15:23

Tom Brady's compares Patrick Mahomes vs Jaguars to Michael Jordan's 'Flu Game'

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By Lw

You were not the only one surprised by Patrick Mahomes' performance against the Jacksonville Jaguars last weekend, Tom Brady was quite impressed as well. For many years, we've heard many talk about Mahomes taking the baton from the veteran QB as the main man in the NFL. There are many players who are doing a great job trying to pick up wherehe left off but Patrick Mahomes is the one constant when the subject is discussed. When Brady himself sends praise your way, you take it as best as you can. However, Tom compared Mahomes' game to that legendary flu-game Michael Jordan played during his prime. The legendary quarterback spoke about Mahomes during the most recent episode of his 'Let's Go!' podcast on Sirius XM.

Tom Brady's high praise to Patrick Mahomes

Here's what Tom Brady said: "I respect him as a leader, not just as how you throw the football, a lot of people can throw the football, but it's overrated. In my view, it's a little bit overrated. What's really important is, do the guys play with you in for you? And do they love you? And do they respect you? And if they do that, then I know you're gonna be a great player because they're, they're watching you do everything. They're watching you, how you sit in the cafeteria, they're watching how you interact with the people who walk in the door with you, so when they love you and respect you, you got someone great. Now you added some of his physical traits. That's a whole nother thing. He's a tough guy. And I told him this the other night, I said, 'I'm just really happy for you.'

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