Best Fantasy Football Defenses 2023: What are the best options you can select?

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2023-09-04 20:54:58  • 2 mins

One part of the strategy in an NFL Football Fantasy Draft that is often overlooked is defense, which is often taken in the later rounds.

The reality is that having a good draft that leads to dominance in your respective leagues requires a lot of analysis and experience, so it's okay to prioritize the key positions that will give you the most points: quarterbacks, running backs, receivers and tight ends.

A good tip for being a successful general manager in NFL Fantasy is to choose a solid defense that will give you those extra points that will help you advance in your quest for the championship, so check the rankings to get a clear picture of how to have the best team possible.

How are the defensive rankings for Fantasy 2023?

Defenses and special teams are taken in the later rounds, but you have to be clear about the rankings to make the best decision.

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