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Aaron Rodgers thinks he can win the MVP again with the Packers or elsewhere

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By Lw

Aaron Rodgers isn't playing in the NFL playoffs for the first time in a long time and he has taken the past days figuring out his future, having talks with the Green Bay Packers and trying to put everything on the balance scale and make a decision whether or not to return to play football next season.

After a one week hiatus, the quarterback was once again part of "Aaron Rodgers Tuesday's" a segment in "The Pat McAfee Show" on Youtube, in which he has a weekly interview during the NFL season, that has now been extended to his offseason since he missed the playoffs.

Aaron Rodgers thinks he can win the MVP again

Aaron Rodgers isn't sure about continuing to play football in the NFL and says he'll take some time off to make sure he's in a good physical and mental shape to make that decision, even though he thinks he can still win the MVP of the league if he's placed in the right situation, which could be with the Packers or another team.

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